Encounters with static electricity

Encounter with static electricity:

  • Touching a metal poled trampoline when it’s in the sun
  • Party’s with balloon
  • Pulling of a hat after being in the cold
  • walking on a rug and then touching metal

So that’s how you can encounter electricity. If you know any other ways comment below . 😉

Week 7 Blogging challenge

These are some Australian foods that I like

Timtam – A Chocolate biscuit with chocolate cream in it and covered with chocolate. Nice as normal or as a timtam slam.A timtam slam is where you bite the ends off, dip 1 end in warm milk and suck the other end like a straw.as soon as you taste milk you push the whole thing in your mouth and eat it.

Vegimite – A salty spread made from a lot of vegetable oil. Best eaten on bread or toast with butter of canola spread.

Anzac Biscuit- A biscuit made on Anzac day.Made with oats and usually a little chewy.

Lamingtons- A vanilla cake like food that is covered in coconut husk.

Weetbix- A biscuit you have in milk for breakfast and as the name says It has a lot of wheat.

Pavlova- A creamy cake with an outside shell of marange. commonly eaten with sliced fruit on top and/or Ice-cream

Sausage roll- sausage meat rolled up in pastry and bakes.commonly eaten with sauce

Cherry ripe-A chocolate bar filled with crushed cherries.Australia’s oldest chocolate bar

Meat pies – A pastry cup filled with  minced  meat and gravy with a pastry lid

Fairy bread-a buttered piece of bread covered in sprinkles

Cheese and bacon roll- A bread roll covered in cheese and bacon baked enough to just melt the cheese

Fantales- A small chocolate filled with caramel with a wrapper that has who am i on it

Vanilla slice- a pastry sandwich filled with a thick custard and put into the fridge to help it hold

Pigs in blankets- a sausage or hot dog rolled up in pastry and baked

Bye 😉

My holidays

I had an Awesome holiday. I went to Mt Buffalo to go camping with my family. When I went in the lake for a swim it was  freezing and the water wasn’t Dirty it was surprisingly clean. We went there after Easter . If you know me you might know I love roasting marshmallows on the Fire and I Got to do it all week to set up camp fires and gas stoves. After going swimming my Hair got really knotty so I had to go have a shower. I walked up with my 2nd cousin Isobel , my Aunt Monique and my 2nd cousin Imogene .before my cousins friends Jess and jill arrived we went fishing and caught a tiny brown trout. The men who gave us the rod was so Kind. After we went up to the Lodge it had 2 fires that we roasted Marshmallows. They were Nice and gooey. Coming home we went to myrtleford for Food for the drive.(I only ate bread because i get car sick)we parked at macca’s for a toilet break.

I was a non Quiet car trip. I was listening to music and my sister and brother were watching a movie. When we got home everyone wanted to Rest but I had to pack for the next day when I filmed a movie with my friends. I got soaking wet by tipping a bucket of water on my head.After I came home and I got a Total girl Magazine. I found my things for school and my Umbrella. Then I watches Victorious episode 1 to 18 and I watched an episode where a puppet needed an X-ray. After , I watched racing stripes where a little girls says “I love you” to a Zebra. So that’s my holidays, what was yours