On the 26th of august we went into the city.

First of all we did a little amazing race. We had a few people in a group with an adult and we had to find 5 landmarks of Melbourne City and then find Parliament house. In the parliament house garden we played in the fountain donated by sir George Coles an old politician.

After we went into parliament house and we saw the upper and lower house (painted with gold). We got to act out a politicians job. The topic was should plastic bags be banned in Australia. I was the leader of opposition meaning I was in charge of the disagreeing team and saying they shouldn’t be banned. Sadly it wasn’t a law because we were acting.

And last we went to the state library where I saw Ned Kelly’s armor and learnt what some of the dints were from like a test bullet shot and a black smith hammer dint.

Then we went to parliament station and went back home.

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