2 thoughts on “Week 3 Blogging challeng

  1. G’day Catriona,

    It was really interesting seeing your favourite animals, I loved how you put a PowerPoint into your blog entry. Do you own any pets at home?

    Best of luck with your next student blogging challenge, make sure you check back in regularly!
    – Rian

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  2. Hi Rian,
    Thanks for commenting.
    I have 7 pets at home,
    2 Fish that are Rosie barbs, 1’s called Rosie the others barb.
    2 dogs, 1 Labrador called Tully and a Pomeranian cross called scamper.
    2 cats, A white rag doll called Orlando and a Bengal called Fyero and 1 yabby called Mr crab
    -Catriona 😉

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