Bottled water

If some one asked you Tap water or bottled water what would you say?

When I watched this video I found out that bottled water is terrible.bottle companies put adds on TV to scare you about tap water and on bottles you see that picture of where it’s from when really  it’s from a tap.Bottled water is terrible because of the plastic that people throw out and the money you pay when you can get water for free. After you throw the bottle away the bottle gets put into landfill,burn”t and making toxic gas and the rest gets recycle. A lot of bottles go to India to go in landfill when you can recycle it but recently all the recycling goes to down cycling when they turn the bottle into a lower quality bottle and making the bottles gives off gases .Restaurants will now give you tap water.

So now you’ve heard from me watch the video and see what you think and after send me a comment and tell me your answer to my question and why you say that.