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I’m here to tell you about my favorite Biome.

First of all What is a biome. A biome is a habitat like Rainforest but it’s not like the daintree rainforest because it’s all in general.

My favorite biome is the jungle and that’s because I love all the gorgeous and weird creatures.

desserts are also biomes.

So could you please comment to tell me what your favorite biome is.


Polar bears

Polar Bears

The population of polar bears are slowly shrinking in the Arctic Circle.This has occurred from climate change caused by humans. This is called Human induced global warming that happens from clearing land and burning oil, gas and coal. Because of this the Polar bears could be gone within a decade. It’s not just the Polar bear . It’s also seals. Seals are a Polar bears main diet especially the Ice Seal. Scientist are saying that polar bears are a symbol of what’s happening to our planet.

Scientist believed that we would have an Ice free Arctic in 2012 or 2013 for a few months but it didn’t happen so it still could happen at anytime unless we take care of our environment.Margaret Williams is a part WWF and has studied and observed the polar bear and their behavior.

Over all I think we should be careful  because I know I’m not the only one that believes those beautiful animals should stay on our planet.



polar bears - Edited

How baboons have adapted to change!

An amazing change has occurred in Kenya.The olive baboons have adapted to eating prickly pears.

The Papio Anubis or olive baboon have adapted to eating prickly pears and figured out how to eat them.To do this they rub it in the dirt to get rid of the prickly hairs.If they did eat it with the hairs they could suffer from triggering mouth, gut ulcers and often fatal internal bleeding but these apes have learnt to cope.

It’s amazing how they have evolved over the years.The plant is full of vitamins, water and sugar. They haven’t observed this long enough to know if it will lead to anything bad like obesity or widespread tooth decay. But what they have noticed is they are healthier than usual.Image result for prickly pear cactus