Bicycle poem

I Love to ride my bicycle,

From bmx to tricycle.

But there was one Bet,

I will always regret.

I was racing my friend bill,

Down a great big hill.

The crowd stood very still,

As I crashed down the hill.

I bolted down,

like a kings falling crown.

I was quickly diving,

but It didn’t stop me riding.

O what the sorrowful pain,

like a broken wing of a crane.

(inspiration from Mulger bills Bicycle)Image result for bicycles

Mini Fair

Today was our Mini fair raising money for Bahay Tuluyan.

This organization helps people in the Philippines escape poetry.

The stores were:

  • Cakes, Honey joys, chocolate crackles and lollies
  • A chocolate throw(Everyone’s Favorite)
  • Mini games
  • Toys
  • books
  • Healthy food and snacks