Traffic light reflection

Last week I had my Confirmation and these are some thing I want to stop start and think about.

I want to STOP talking back to my parents when they tell me to do something because I think its rude when I do it.

I want to START praying every single night because I usually say a pray once a week  and I need to talk to god more.  

I want to THINK MORE ABOUT  how to use the gifts of the spirit God has granted me so I can become a  better person.

traffic l

Animal hop

Hello everyone ,

I’m here to talk about my favorite animal.

Who doesn’t like cats and when I say cats I mean all the cats in the animal kingdom and my favorite cat of all is the mighty Tiger.

Now everyone knows that they are cute BUT there are people HUNTING THEM.

I have two reasons the hunted:

  1. For there skin!

There skin is so soft,fluffy and warm

2.  They are predators to us.

We hunt them down because they hunt us down.

So if you know any other reasons they are hunted tell me.


My top 7 favorite quotes

these are my top 7 favorite quotes:

  1. H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends
  2. nothing is impossible it even says in the word I’m possible
  3. Everyday is a second chance
  4. Delete my feelings for you.ERROR to big.
  5. I’m ether the coolest nerd or the nerdiest cool person you will ever meet.
  6. everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain. but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

So how about you give me your top 3 favorite quotes.


My favorite game is run 3.

This game has over 60 levels and bonus path with more levels.

In this game you try to get a little alien home by using your space bar,left and right arrow’s to make the alien complete courses.

in infinite mode you can get triangles to by more characters.


So that’s my favorite game, whats your’s?