Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to give you a lesson on punctuation.

First commas.You can use commas in two different ways,As a list

or a pause. here’s an example of both:

I like chocolate, ice-cream and vanilla slice.

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Capital letters can be used  in two different ways too.

The first letter of a noun and the start of a sentence.

Here’s an example two in one:

There is a girl called Lily at my gym.

Question marks can be used in one way , at the end of a question.

e.g. Who are you?

Talking marks.You use them when you talk.

e.g.hello Lily said

and last full stops.

e.g Hello everyone.

Now all together.

“Is there three girl’s called Lily,Molly and Alexa at your gym?”said Mum “Yes there is.” said Sally