Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday



Today it’s Pancake Tuesday, the last day of celebrating and preparing for Lent. We learn’t about what different cultures do to celebrate.I read about Venice .To celebrate the last day before Lent they have a Masquerade Carnival .They all dress up and wear mask’s.The woman where gorgeous gowns and the men wear smart looking suits.


Nuclear Industry

Ever wondered why we don’t use nuclear power?

Australia had one 3rd of the world’s nuclear power, but we don’t use it because its too dangerous. So we sell it to other countries which is silly because they could make a nuclear bomb and bomb us to get the nuclear power for free.

In 2011 a tsunami broke the nuclear power plant which killed the city and the cities neighbors.

This is how dangerous it is. It’s even more dangerous than a war.

My goal

This year my goal is to work my hardest mostly in maths.

I think once I complete this goal I will be very good at maths.

What is your goal for this year?

Please leave me a comment saying your goal!